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A toast to the whisky industry

Ardbeg distillery, Islay

  As Burns Night approaches, Stuart Aitken, Lead Content Strategist at DigitasLBi, applauds the whisky industry for picking itself up from the brink of disaster – and continuing to flourish thanks to sophisticated loyalty marketing, the ability to tell a good story, and a strong understanding of digital technology. Today, whisky represents almost 4% of ...


Are you a ‘suit’?


  Hattie Whiting, Client Partner at DigitasLBi, outlines what it takes to excel in client services and argues that those who thrive in our technical age are “the storytellers of our times”. This week saw a heated debate between the senior members of our client services team. The subject of our disagreement? What to call ...


Lessons from the Science Museum’s Information Age Exhibition

Science Museums Information Age Exhibition

Stuart Aitken, Lead Content Strategist at DigitasLBi, outlines what brands can learn from the Science Museum’s latest exhibition which explores the development of the Information Age.


Mobile’s catalyst for world domination is here


Just in case you were one of the twenty people not flicking through the web on your phone this morning on your daily commute you may have missed a new addition to search results.  Sites deemed ‘mobile friendly’ by Google are now listed as such. If you want to see the criteria they use to ...


Excellence vs inventory

Gareth Jones

You get what you measure, right?


Happy accidents and risk-taking feed creativity

Alecky Blythe

Happy accidents and unexpected collaborations provided the unlikely launch pad for Alecky Blythe’s career as a playwright and screenwriter, she told the UK NewFront conference on content creation, in an address that took in the Ipswich murders and a hostage siege on her Hackney street.


Brands need to love people more than money

Christian Payne

Brands need to break their money-focused programming if they are to create culture and truly connect with audiences, according to Guardian writer, blogger and technologist Christian Payne.


‘Talent alone is not enough’ – Sir Clive Woodward on data in sport and business

Sir Clive Woodward

Data makes the difference between winners and losers in sport and business, claims England rugby and GB Olympics mastermind Sir Clive Woodward – but only if the entire team has access to the technology and the insight it offers.


Culture, and how brands can create it

Chris Clarke

Brands need the courage and conviction to make a genuine contribution to culture if they are to maintain their strength in tough times, an audience of marketers at DigitasLBi’s UK NewFront conference heard.


Beware collaborative competition, embrace competitive collaboration

Cindy Gallop

Brands and advertisers need to collaborate or find their businesses swept away in a new world order of disruption, according to advertising legend and porn pioneer Cindy Gallop.