Monthly Archives: March 2012

Google vs Westminster on Privacy

Google made the headlines over privacy again this week, and not for the first time this month. This time the search giant was standing up to Westminster Members of Parliament, who believe that the major online players should be controlling what we can say and see, all in the name of privacy. Parliament’s involvement in ...


Google plans online store for tablets

(image) Google reportedly plans to take on the likes of Apple by selling Android-powered tablets directly through an online store.

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RIM to stick to what it knows after quarterly losses

(image) BlackBerry maker RIM has posted quarterly losses and announced it will refocus its attentions on business users.

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Android services set to overtake Microsoft by 2016

(image) Reports by IDC analysts predict a surge in the sale of 'smart devices' by 2016.

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Google headed to court over Oracle battle

(image) Mountain View is set to head back to court, this time over its on-going patents battle with Oracle after failing to reach an agreement Wednesday.

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Do hashtags on TV bridge the gap to online conversation?

It is safe to say we have all seen a rise in ‘social TV’ over the past 6 months. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter pages being promoted alongside ads during television breaks, or Twitter handles being shown during programmes, we have all been subject to this new type of digital media in some format. ...


Google changes autocomplete function in Japan

(image) Google has been ordered to change its autocomplete function in Japan after being taken to court accused of ruining one man's reputation.

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Microsoft Blocks Pirate Bay Links in Windows Messenger

(image) Microsoft has banned Pirate Bay links from being sent on its instant messaging service, Windows Live Messenger.

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Multi-Device Fragmentation & Attribution

How many devices do you currently use to access the web? Most folk would think two, their computer and their mobile, but right now are you reading this post on your PC at work or at home? Are you on your personal mobile or a work mobile? You may even be viewing via a tablet, ...


MPs Urge Google to Self-Censor Search Results

(image) The Joint Committee on Privacy and Injunctions has come out against the introduction of new privacy laws, but is in favour of greater self-regulation by Google and other online media providers.

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