Monthly Archives: August 2012

New Amazon Product sells out in the US

(image) Amazon's Kindle Fire has sold out in the states after being on sale for just nine months

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Twitter advertising to become more targeted

(image) Twitter has announced it will allow more personalised marketing on its site in an attempt to drive profit margins.

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Obama uses Reddit to engage with voters

(image) "Hey everybody - this is barack" - President Obama takes to Reddit to chat with Americans.

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Chrome Browser for Technical SEO

For the past few months I’ve been giving Google’s Chrome browser a test drive as my go-to, do-everything, Swiss army browser, and it’s doing very well indeed. It isn’t without its problems – the preferences menus, for example, appear to be the result of some kind of drunken wager – but on the whole, it’s ...


Amazon launches UK daily deals service

(image) Retail giant has launched its own daily deals service in the UK, beginning in London and planned to eventually expand across the country.

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Surge in Google takedown requests

(image) The number of sites Google is removing has doubled along with government attempts to access user information.

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Mastercard announce digital wallet deal

(image) Mastercard have today revealed it will collaborate with Everything Everywhere in a digital wallet deal.

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Samsung facing the consequences of Apple patent defeat

(image) Samsung and Google facing significant problems after Apple's patent triumph.

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What is all this data really worth?

test the change in date The world of digital display advertising is in a greater state of flux now than ever. Over the past few years we have gone from a digital replication of the traditional media buying approaches to a world of Demand Side Platforms, where media is bought on an individual ad impression ...


Apple rewrites Facebook app for iOS

(image) Apple has announced the popular social media app, Facebook, has been rewritten following complaints it was too slow.

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