Glastonbury 2016: Social Insights After the Festival

  This year Glastonbury played host to headliners Muse, Adele and Coldplay. Not everyone was happy. How did Twitter react during the festival? Download the infographic – Glastonbury 2016: Social insights after the festival Download the infographic – Glastonbury 2015: Social insights after the festival


Brick Lane in Numbers: Data insights by DigitasLBi

  Brick Lane in Numbers is a new piece of research from DigitasLBi which seeks to throw light on what data can tell us about an area and how people interact with it. This research focuses attention on the famous London street Brick Lane which is home to DigitasLBi’s London office.


Burns Night 2016 – Social Insights

  Ever wondered which cities take Burns Night most seriously? Which countries outside of Scotland are most interested in the celebration of Scotland’s national poet? What whiskies are most associated with Burns Night?


Rugby World Cup 2015 – Social Insights

The Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar. This popularity is mirrored in the Twitter activity that accompanies it. We’ve dug through the data to find some of the key themes that emerged.


Great British Bake Off – Social Insights

The Great British Bake Off is one of the Twitter events of the year. We dug through the data from the final week to see what key themes emerged.


Glastonbury 2015 – Social Insights After the Festival

Our pre-Glastonbury analysis showed that Glastonbury fans were dubious about Florence and the Machine. Did Florence manage to turn this around?


Cannes Lions 2015 – Social insights

The Cannes Lions festival is as notable for the excitement it causes on Twitter as the carnage it creates on the French Riviera. This year we’ve analysed the Twitter data to find out what was really happening behind all the hype.


Glastonbury 2015 – Social insights ahead of the festival

  What are people really thinking about Florence and the Machine replacing Foo Fighters at Glastonbury? Who would have been the ideal replacements? What bands and brands do Glastonbury fans have most affinity with? Where are most of the conversations around Glastonbury taking place?


What Twitter says about the main party leaders

Joseph Kay, Research Specialist at DigitasLBi, (very) graphically outlines how Twitter has judged David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage in the long run up to the General Election. 


The General Election – as seen on Twitter

  Ever wondered what time of day the main party leaders do most of their tweeting? Which party’s supporters are the biggest drinkers of real ale? Which party has the greatest proportion of CEOs amongst its followers?