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Performance Marketing Insights: Overcoming restrictions in finance

A finance sector panel at this year’s Performance Marketing Insights debates how in today’s climate you can continue to optimise a finance campaign with increasing external regulation.


The first mobility Christmas

Christmas is months away. My Twitter feed, dominated by digital marketing, communications and technology people has seen plenty of disbelief. Why do shops have Christmas messaging up already? Why? Despite the apparent outrage, I suspect most of the people pointing at the incipient decorations and sale offers know why retailers are already preparing for Christmas. ...


Facebook tests ‘Want’ button for retailers

(image) A new "collections" feature on Facebook may lead the way to the social network's online commerce future.

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Affiliate Networks – Considerations and Processes

For any affiliate program, choosing the right affiliate network is key. Getting it wrong means that the program won’t prosper and it will be difficult to recruit quality affiliates and drive the program’s growth. So how would you go about deciding which to choose? And how many should you work with? Here are some helpful ...


Foursquare teams up with Amex for UK discounts

(image) Foursquare has joined forces with American Express to launch a new range of voucher offers for UK consumers.

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The importance of content affiliates to build a sustainable and efficient affiliate program

There are a number of different types of affiliates which contribute to a program’s growth and development. The main types of affiliates are voucher code, loyalty/reward (cashback), PPC, price comparison, email, social, mobile and content. Each and every one of these affiliate types plays a crucial role towards the merchant’s prime objective to increase traffic, ...


The real value of an agency in Affiliate Marketing

Written by Susan Jamie and Fiona Robertson. Those involved in the industry have seen a shift recently in the way affiliate marketing is perceived, even moving away from the description of “Affiliate Marketing” towards the all-encompassing name of Performance Marketing. This change has been witnessed in a number of ways, including the annual A4U awards, ...


Why Mobile in Affiliate Marketing Works

With mobile e-retail site visits up from 2.6% in 2010 to 8.2% in 2011 (Source: IMRG), it’s no wonder that merchants are asking how to make mobile marketing work for them. From an affiliate point of view, the opportunities are endless; with a huge amount of affiliates now offering mobile as an additional purchasing platform, ...


Apple warns appayola-using app-makers

Apple warns app-makers that using appayola services will result in the revocation of their developer account. (image)

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Groupon founder admits his failings

(image) Groupon founder and CEO Andrew Mason admits his mistakes leading up to the company's IPO.

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