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Ask.com scales back search, focuses on answers

(image) Jeeves poised to return to question and answer formula instead of duking it out with search big-timers Bing and Google.

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Google prepares to shake up the search engine market

(image) Google dropped another 0.4 per cent in the search engine stakes last month, with the combined forces of Bing and Yahoo! scooping up its losses

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Ask.com rebrands as social search engine

(image) Struggling searcher service Ask.com has launched its new social search engine in beta.

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Can search engines handle Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) have been approved by ICANN and are set to become a reality. Are the search engines prepared for them?


Google to take-over ‘Social Search’ engine Aardvark

Google are set to confirm their imminent take-over of Aardvark, the 'social search' engine which takes full advantage of the global obsession with social networking.

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Software vender’s chart shows disturbing search trends from children

Security and parental control software maker Norton has published a list of top searches in 2009 for children under 18, under 12 and under 7. Alarmingly all age groups searched for porn.

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Rupert Murdoch demands Google must pay

News Corp managing director Rupert Murdoch has laid down his belief that Google and other search engines that link to news stories in their results must pay for the right to do so.

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Ask Deals service finds the best consumer bargains

Search engine Ask.com has launched a new service directing users to the best online discounts.

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Are we losing two of the top four search engines?

Bing and Yahoo! have agreed a deal which will essentially kill off the Yahoo! search engine and merge its technology with Bing's. At the same time, we have discovered that Ask Jeeves has been serving Google-crawled pages. Are we going to lose half of the top four search engines?


Is Ask Jeeves scraping Google?

Ask Jeeves has pages in its index which could only have been spidered by Googlebot. What is going on?