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Hotmail gets a new Outlook

(image) Microsoft has announced it's overhauling its long-standing email service, Hotmail, and replacing it with Outlook.com

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Facebook to fix email contacts bug

(image) Facebook will fix the email deleting bug the wiped the email contacts in some user's mobile phone address books.

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Is Drop.io Facebook’s Secret Email Weapon?

Facebook again prompted criticism this week after deciding to switch user email addresses to those provided by the @facebook.com system, without notifying it’s users. Facebook launched it’s email service back in 2010, supposedly to compete with Google Mail, but up to now it’s impact has been very poor. At the time, Mark Zuckerberg effectively hailed ...


Facebook email change angers users

(image) Facebook have made yet another controversial move by changing the email address displayed on user profiles to one ending in "@facebook. com".

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Microsoft Blocks Pirate Bay Links in Windows Messenger

(image) Microsoft has banned Pirate Bay links from being sent on its instant messaging service, Windows Live Messenger.

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Teenage email use on the decline

(image) Web-based email use is in a continual decline amongst young users, as new media becomes the means for instantaneous and constant communication.

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Consumers go digital to control and filter brand interaction

(image) Web-savvy consumers are turning to technology in order to filter and control their relationship with brands.

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Apple bites multi-billion losses as Steve Job resigns

(image) Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple's top job, causing Apple stocks to drop by 5 per cent and the company's value to depreciate by £10 billion.

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New Lift app by Twitter creators ‘unlocks potential’

(image) Co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, yesterday announced a new partnership between The Obvious Corporation and a mysterious new self-improvement app named Lift.

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Skype expands empire to include group messaging

(image) Skype acquires year-old group messenger start-up GroupMe.

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