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What’s Next … In Media – a review of the day

Adblockalypse, bad targeting and too much content are the problem; data and creativity have to be the solution, argued speakers at DigitasLBi’s What’s Next…In Media conference.


Nearly half of ads are missing their target

Nearly half of all digital ads don’t make it to their intended audience, Damian Burns, global head of sales at Atlas, told DigitasLBi’s What’s Next … In Media conference, as he launched a withering attack on cookies, claiming they have turned “ad tech into bad tech”.


Glastonbury 2015 – Social insights ahead of the festival

  What are people really thinking about Florence and the Machine replacing Foo Fighters at Glastonbury? Who would have been the ideal replacements? What bands and brands do Glastonbury fans have most affinity with? Where are most of the conversations around Glastonbury taking place?


Facebook launches a hub for content creators

Hot on the heels of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the launch of Facebook Media reveals the social network’s desire to strengthen its hand in video content.


Facebook tries to squeeze into Snapchat’s clothes with ephemerality trial

The launch of a pilot feature that allows users to schedule the deletion of posts in advance shows Facebook’s willingness to bend and re-shape itself to suit the shifting sands of social media.


Student group take Facebook to court

(image) Facebook has been accused of being in violation of EU data law

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Facebook friends cause stress

Research has shown that the more Facebook friends you have, the more stressed you become.

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Facebook shifts privacy policy goalposts

(image) Facebook experiences a backlash after proposing plans to remove users' rights to vote on privacy policies. (image)

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Man hires woman to slap him in the Face(book)

(image) Computer expert Maneesh Sethi has employed a woman to slap him when he is caught wasting time on social networks.

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LPC, LMS, YTO, LFR: Facebook’s Generation Z Lingo

Exploring some of the lingo of Generation Z on Facebook. Generation Z is the common name for the group of people born between 1990s and present day. For a while now, people have documented that their actions, attitudes and movements carve the future for digital media. Still trying to hold onto my youth, I often ...