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Clegg criticises Draft Communications Data Bill

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has opposed web monitoring rights in the UK.

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Nokia seek Blackberry retail ban

(image) for Blackberrry as Nokia seeks to have its devices banned due to patent infringement.

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YouView sued over naming dispute

Internet TV provider YouView has been sued for infringement in a naming dispute

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Facebook shifts privacy policy goalposts

(image) Facebook experiences a backlash after proposing plans to remove users' rights to vote on privacy policies. (image)

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Google criticises potential changes to the UN’s internet treaty

Speculation surrounds the motives behind a forthcoming UN conference, with Google fearing for the freedom of the internet.

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Samsung wins court ruling to access detail of Apple-HTC patent deal

(image) The South Korean electronics superpower will gain access to the Apple-HTC deal after a US judge ruled in their favour.

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Web users unsure if online content is legal

(image) Half of web users have admitted they are unsure if the online content they view on a day to day basis is legal.

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Rise in attempts by governments to monitor Google

(image) Google has revealed the governments most eager to pursue the information of users online.

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Apple and HTC reach licensing agreement

(image) Apple has resolved on-going feud with HTC, signing a 10- year licensing agreement with the rival phone maker.

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Has Amazon broken traditional publishing?

Self-publishing, Indie publishing… whatever you call it, Amazon is making it easier than ever and it’s changing the publishing landscape in ways that would have seemed impossible in a pre-kindle world. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, launched in September this year, offers anyone the chance to self-publish their books on the Amazon Kindle store for ...