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The first mobility Christmas

Christmas is months away. My Twitter feed, dominated by digital marketing, communications and technology people has seen plenty of disbelief. Why do shops have Christmas messaging up already? Why? Despite the apparent outrage, I suspect most of the people pointing at the incipient decorations and sale offers know why retailers are already preparing for Christmas. ...


Linkbuilding is Dead. Long Live Linkbuilding.

The death of linkbuilding has been greatly exaggerated. Far from killing off the noble art, Google recent updates have opened up brave new horizons for seasoned linkbuilders.


BrightonSEO September 2012

  BrightonSEO September took place last Friday; and was a day packed full of talks, tips and tales. If you weren’t quite fortunate enough to attend; or were like me at most conferences and forgot to take notes, here is a round-up of my favourite talks of the day. Richard Baxter, SEO Gadget. How to be a better ...


Microsoft challenges Google to “Bing It On”

(image) Microsoft has launched its 'Bing it On Challenge' in an effort to convert Google-happy searchers with a side-by-side comparison test.

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New kid on the block

Some months back I wrote about “Snap tags, being a QR code killer” following that one of my colleagues wrote a post on this some time back about the benefits of “NFC mobile ”. Since then it would appear that all the way from Korea there has been more devising developments in sending an electrical signal from ...


The (R)evolution of Semantic Search

  Over the past few months the SEO blogging community has been loaded with comment regarding Google’s implementation of the Knowledge Graph data within the SERPs, which aims to provide not just links, but more answers to search queries; to implement a more ‘human’ search experience with data which connects different elements relating to the ...


Gmail to be included in search results

(image) Google is to trial the inclusion of Gmail messages in its search results to create a more personal service for users.

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Tailoring Your Digital Marketing Future

Continually monitoring your business KPI’s is key to the growth of any business; a trained monkey could tell you that. So with the emergence of mobile technology, personalisation of results and the integration of all these technologies literally now a finger tip away to most people in the UK where does this leave you and ...


The SEO mantra for boosting online PR

Moving from a PR background into the digital marketing world of SEO was a bit of a daunting prospect, but it has been surprising to discover how related they actually are. After all, one of the major objectives of PR is to increase awareness – whether that’s for a brand, product, event or campaign – ...


Responsive Design

Hopefully everyone with a professional interest in the web will have been aware of responsive design for some time now, but for the uninitiated, responsive design is a means of adapting a single website to all kinds of display devices via CSS media queries. A great example of responsive design in action is the Boston ...